View Full Version : Any WoW gamers?

16-10-2011, 12:43 AM
Hi, I'm David

First off I'd like to say that for those of you who don't like World of Warcraft or think it's just a game for kids, it's stupid or any negative criticism based on nothing more than rumours, please refrain from posting ideas like that here.

I absolutely LOVE playing WoW but I don't know anyone irl that plays (apart from a friend that plays casually that lives 2 hours away) WoW so I was wondering if people even play it in the warwickshire area, especially in the Warwick Gates estate near Leamington Spa (thats where I live). I'd love to have a friend that I can play World of Warcraft with.

17-10-2011, 01:24 AM
hallo David,
Do you mean wargaming?
I f so I know quite a few who play it.All wars too, from Romans to ww2. mostly 25mm.
Fantasy, air wars, Napoleonic, American war of independence, Englsh civill war.etc
we have whole armies of these metal figures, all painted up. Napoleonic, English Civil War, etc. although no-one in my family play it nowadays, I have friends who do.
My husband ran one of the largest clubs in Warwickshire. Sadly after he died it folded up after a few months.
Too many young kids joined who didn't appreciate the game, but had all the gear, bought for them by super indulgent parents who wanted them out of the way on Friday nights while they did the shopping.
Fortunately some people from the original club still meet weekly.
By the way I played too sometimes to pair off.