View Full Version : HELP!! Witnesses needed for our wedding in Aug.

13-07-2009, 09:03 AM
Hi All,

My Fiancee & I are having a big wedding ceremony in Gran Canaria at the beginning of September with lots of family & friends joinging us - Can't wait.

But to save quite a bit of money we are doing the legal wedding over here in the UK. We are doing this quietly so our family members do not know as they get a bit upset.

We live in Warrington, Cheshire but are getting married in a registry office in Warwick - we are staying in Stratford upon Avon - as we have been a few times before & we both love it. We wanted to get married in a registry office in a place that meant something to us both - Stratford. but were told that Warwick registry office is where they marry you.

Our dilemma now is that we need 2 witnesses for our wedding in the registry office & obviously as we don't want family or friends knowing we are a bit stuck on who to have.

So I am on here asking if anyone woould be free on Saturday 8th August @ 11:30 to be our witnesses? It would just be the basic thing so wouldn't be very long & would appreciate anyone considering it,

Thanks in advance