View Full Version : Coventry Market plans.

03-07-2009, 01:41 PM
The new 1 billion development of Coventry City Centre, by the company Jerde includes moving the circular market to a area in the new developement further down by that well known white elephant Ikea
Suddenly out of the blue, English Heritage have put a grade 2 listing upon it, which is supposed to mean that it cannot be moved or pulled down.
Today I hear that Coventry council have 'powers' to remove the listing.
So what what worth is an English Heritage listing .

Personally I think it should stay, this '50's success.Right in the centre, the hub of the cityand easy to reach. Most of the interesting features from that era have either gone or have been revamped- 'smartened up' losing the original 'feel' taking the soul out of them.
I can't see that the new development -bringing Coventry up to date,which means being almost identical to many other revamped towns l -will bring more people into the City.
It is said the market needs a few repairs in places and sometimes the roof leaks----well why not do the repairs, mend the leaks, and do it properly. It won't cost that much in comparison. It has been starred as one of the most successful markets in the country. The few stall holders I have spoken to don't want to move --in spite of what the planners say.
There is plenty of room to build around it and incorporate it in the new centre --although by my reckoning the new centre wont be in the centre of the city.
The bus services to it-- that's another tale.
Is it the 2nd or 3rd time Coventry has been updated -revamped since the war?
The designers come in from outside-redesign-mess it up and move on with a big expensive handshake to mess up-rehash- somewhere else.
There are still a few gems left here in Coventry but they are either closed to the public or falling down.
Examples : the Old Grammar School, I believe 12th century...a city centre crumbling eyesore, and the old Charterhouse, a very unloved decrepit Carmelite building in a beautiful setting.
Any other Town would give anything for buildings like these.
As I'm on the subject of transport -(I was before)--
The Richo Arena.
All these big events like the 3 day 'Take That' the other week. and next week 'Oasis', bringing thousands of people to Coventry ,but off putting that it can take up to 3 hours to get out when it finishes.