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28-04-2009, 12:19 AM
Hello there. Just thought i should come and touch base with folk here, both in Nuneaton and further afield. i am part of a couple living in a maisonette around the Hilltop area and we are about to put ourselves on the council list to get a move to a more suitable place, as i am just about to go into a wheelchair for good.

According to Nun and Bed BC they have extended their catchment area for people wanting or needing to move, it now encompasses the whole county rather than just the town and surrounding area, and i was wondering if some kind folk could help with a little insight.

What areas of the county, be it Stafford down to Rugby, would you recommend to someone disabled and needing a decent town centre with good public transport. Somewhere with a bit of open space and decent neighbours. i know the areas of Nuneaton that wouldn't be too nice to move to, and i was wondering if anyone could recommend parts of the likes of Rugby town that would be good for the likes of me and mine.

Cheers in advance for any help you could give us.

28-04-2009, 08:59 PM
Hi Pinkwind,

That's a pretty difficult question to answer. I know Stratford makes an effort to provide for people in wheelchairs, but I don't know to what extent. One or two of its main town streets are on a gradient, I don't know how much that effects you or not. I think public transport is well equipped in that regards. If nothing else, the new Bancroft gardens have good wheelchair access.

Is there any particular requirements you think you'd need? I feel a little ill-equipped to answer you questions. :(

30-04-2009, 01:33 AM
Thanks Will, much obliged to you for info regarding Stafford. And yes, a difficult question, thankfully most folk don't have to think about it!

Nuneaton has all kneeling buses, lots of seating and open access in public areas of the town centre, council and other offices are easily accessed and it's main park likewise. Not that i am looking for the elderly capital of the Midlands, you understand, not old enough yet, but places around the county that folk might think decent areas to live quietly, maybe with local shops too, but with good access for the solo wheelchair user to enjoy town based amenities as well.

This is going to be our only move, hopefully to somewhere with easy access to the ground floor which we don't have, so that i don't feel like a prisoner of the block or my chair. We have here a few open spaces nearby, as well as a spur of the Grand Union canal too, and i am a great one for just pulling up somewhere, or finding a seat somewhere and watching the world go by, maybe sit and read for an hour or two.

Simple soul seeking quite backwater with easy access to the rest of the world!

01-05-2009, 11:29 AM
Well it certainly sounds like you're going to make the most of your situation, that sounds a lovely way to spend time.

This is a long shot, but have you ever been to Barford? It's in between Warwick and Stratford, and since it's had a bypass put in, it has become a very sleepy little countryside town, with a river near by. As far as I can remember there's a couple of local shops in the town, I couldn't tell you what wheelchair access is like round there, but I do know that there's no real gradients through any of the roads. It might be worth a look at, as it could possibly suit your needs well. :)

09-05-2009, 06:56 PM
Thanks Will, i shall have a look at the area in and around Barford, sounds like somewhere eminently suitable. A local shop, supermarket delivery area, and a decent postal service, coupled with a good usable environment, couldn't ask for more.


10-05-2009, 09:40 AM
pinkwood, have been a bit slow on this one, but Welcome from me too! I hope you will stay with us. The users are generally friendly and extremely helpful.

As for not nice areas, I think it is fair to say that most places have at least one of them, however, generally it is the attitudes of people that is the issue. You can have really nice people living in areas that are in a lower council tax band. I live in Nuneaton and as someone without a car and needing to depend on public transport I find it very convenient. Shops are only minutes away and other amenities are nearby.

The terrain is mostly flatish and you don't need to be a mountain goat to get around as you might need to be in say Edinburgh. - I know, I lived there for 2 years! Have never experienced anything like that before!

For me, a bit of a country bumpkin more accustomed to living on a farm than in a city, Nuneaton is big enough. I travel to Birmingham by train to work but wouldn't consider moving there am actually content to be where I am.

Wherever you choose to live you will make it your home.