View Full Version : Sky blues in the red.

08-04-2009, 12:35 AM
I have read in today's Telegraph that Coventry Sky Blues are 8.5 million in the red.and anticipating further losses when year ends next month-possibly 4.3 million more..
However they are 'considering ' buying a 50% share in the Riko Arena which could cost 10 million.-which they sold 6 years ago for 6 million.
The director also says that next season they will invest in a team capable of getting promotion to the Premiership.
Ithought -in my ignorance -that's what they were there for. If so what have they been up to for these past few years.
I am no football buff and neither am I an accountant-or even a mathematition--I was the girl who'd never seen a decimal point 'til Iwas 13, remember.(thereby hangs a good tale).
BUT.do I read it right? Are they not broke?. Where is this 10 million, plus 4 million plus the 8.5 million overdrawn, coming from.?
Coventry council say that they would sell the Arena , and say it is worth between 40 and 100 million. Even that appears ludicrous to me why the 60 million difference in value.
Perhaps the Sky blues want to buy it to sell on for profit and clear themselves selves from debt.
Where do they expect the money to come from?.
Are they doing what Brown wants us all to do--buy ourselves out of debt by going into more debt.
THE GOVERNMENT,. I have theory.
They are encouraging citizens to buy-buy buy-- please spend all your savings to help the economy. When -and if -it recovers we shall be on our uppers and at the mercy of their whims, even lack of freedom with more regulations.
Ibelieve they want us all on our knees and back in the 19th century as underdogs, whilst they whittle away the money as they wish.
How about Jackie Smith'e excuses then ?!!!.
It only goes to show how gullible and green 'they' think we all are and that SHE REALLY BELIEVES we fall for that earnest face, spilling out that lying prattle.
Better men than her have gone for lesser reasons.

I am inclined to be facetious and say off with her head but we are in the wrong century so instead , I'll be politeI say she should go, along with a few others.
Did you know our Gordon gets his house rent free, but the government pay him for expenses and living costs for his own home....what living costs!!!
As I say I may be talking rubbish so I don't mind if anyone tells me so...I have a thick skin.