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01-01-2009, 11:41 PM
As part of our 20th birthday celebrations, members of the West Midlands
Ghost Club are currently considering some form of 'expansion' of the
group, either via the addition of new affiliates or through the
introduction of an active associates section.

Ideally, we would be interested in hearing from friendly, intelligent
people with a level headed, no-nonsense - non-hysterical - attitude
towards paranormal related topics. An objective, unbiased attitude
towards investigation / research is crucial. In short, we would be
interested in fostering contact from people who believe that they may
might, in some way, complement or simply 'bring something positive' to
the current group membership and structure. (We urge anyone interested
in contacting us to please see the opening paragraphs of our 'Group
History' page, as a form of insight into general club attitudes and
motivation to the subject in question:
The West Midlands Ghost Club - Group History (http://www.westmidlandsghostclub.com/page11.htm) )

Please note: we are NOT looking for people who simply wish to attend
paranormal investigations.

Anyone wishing to associate with the W.M.G.C. is required to donate a small amount of their spare time to the club and take an 'active' part in the general running of the group: i.e. finding / researching local (Midlands) ghost-lore; contacting associated sites / individuals; organising / attending investigations, etc.

Sorry, but we do not require psychic / mediumistic types, or people who
profess some form of expertise / insider knowledge / qualifications in
the paranormal field itself. People who have no prior experience of
(self-professed) 'ghost research associations' preferred, though not
necessarily essential.

Please send details of your paranormal related interests to:
wmghostclub@yahoo.co.uk (Please note: no single line - 'can I join
your club'- applications!!) Tell us something about yourself, why you
would be interested in becoming associated with the club and what you
believe you might add to the mix, etc.


The W.M.G.C.
The West Midlands Ghost Club - W.M.G.C. Home (http://www.westmidlandsghostclub.com)