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20-05-2008, 12:01 AM
Does anyone on this site use charity shops.?
I cannot keep out of them, and if I take stuff I always end up with more stuff which often ends up back in another Charity shop. last time I went I had a real bargain--can't resist a bargain now can we? 200 new Christmas cards for 20p -with envelopes. My granddaughter cuts them out and sticks them in a scrap book,or makes bookmarkers. And I have envelopes !!. -and a cat flap for 30p-yes I do have a cat. O nce from an auction I bought I bought a lectern for 1.00, and some wooden tip up cinema seats for 30p each. Ialso bid and won-up in Yorkshire-a Sunday school chair for 1.50 and found afterwards, there were 30 in the lot. we were camping at the time, but luckily someone bought them from me.
-But--I digress.
Looking at the clothes , I wonder what planet the people who price them up live on.I took some tee shirts into a local shop one day and then saw them priced up at 3.50. that's possibly not much more than when they were new, or if they came from Matalan or Primart they probably had been cheaper still.
Not much of a thread this but I 'm trying hard. Anyone else had any bargains -or othrwise???

20-05-2008, 09:09 AM
Charity shops are interesting places and now and again you get what you are looking for at a bargain price. I used to be a fan of garage sales, which, I guess is like a boot sale here. Prices on items were always negotiable and if it was still there towards the end you could negotiate yourself a really good deal.

Some charity shops have a "smell" that tends to be offputting and others are pleasant to stroll around in. Many a good read can be found and indeed many vintage items.

When I first arrived in the UK and moved into a furnished, shared flat I purchased a duvet cover and 4 matching pillowcases from a charity shop in Edinburgh. Along with another set bought the same way they both served me well and at really bargain price for 2 years until I moved into my own flat.

Went to an auction with someone once. He bid for a vacuum cleaner that was a "goer" however, closer inspection later and it required so many parts such as a new hose that the replacement parts would have been more than the price paid at the auction. "Let the buyer beware" came to mind.