View Full Version : o/' It's spring again, I'll bring again, tulips.. o/'

01-04-2008, 10:05 AM
Well, we don't really need the tulips from Amsterdam as per the the song because they have been popping their little heads up in the UK for a while now.

With spring I guess comes the grumbles about "Spring Cleaning" but it is also the time to shake off the cobwebs of winter and see what is happening outside. My camera clicks away all year but with the arrival of Spring it wants to go bounding off on its own. It's amazing what you see whilst strolling around parkland, waterways, old ruins. Perhaps the last time you were in a particular place you happened to take a photo and the next time the subject of your photo has gone, replaced, sometimes by some modern piece of monstrosity called art. I like art, so that isn't the problem, but sometimes something with so much history behind it is removed, bulldozed etc and replaced by a fanciful notion. It will take some centuries - if it lasts that long - to create the same historical value.

Will be out looking for ickle, fuzzy bumble bees again this year as time permits. Though you don't have to go far to find your buzzy friends as they should be out and about now. Taking photos of them is sometimes not easy as they flit about from flower to flower going about their work without being too concerned about your presence. The patient photographer can get some startling photos.

A great day out doesn't have to be about spending huge amounts of money. Some of us are happy to take a packed lunch and a drink, put some comfortable shoes on and go exploring - camera in hand.

The advent of digital photography has been a real boon for pointNclickaholics like myself. If I had to print every roll of film, apart from the cost, I would have to devote a special area for packets/albums/negatives. Whereas, straight from camera to computer - great!

So, off you go, out into the countryside, enjoy the lovely weather and show us some of your photos.

01-04-2008, 03:03 PM
You are so right about digital photography ---anyone can be an expert.
I spent hours in my darkroom for years-and was happy to do so. Really never thought I would become a digital fan, and swore I never would ,
but now I am hooked, not quite as good as I was with film but I am getting there. And of course -what value for money ! and the instancy of it is overwhelming.
I have also belonged to a club for 24 years and now belong to 2 more including a new one which started in The Exhall Old School Community centre last month
17 people turned up with various amounts of expertise --or none at all.
2 ladies had their cameras still in the box.
At the 2nd meeting last week 15 turned up with 2 new people and 3 apologies from ones on holiday -so it hopefully will go from strength to strength.
You are so right too about what is here to see. This is a lovely exciting time of the year -everthing is beginning again, all we need to do is open our eyes and look at what we see- not what we think we see.
I love this country, I remember once going to Ibiza in March -and pining for the Yorkshire dales instead. All that GREEN.!!!