View Full Version : New poetry game????

15-01-2008, 12:39 AM
How about a new game.!!

Some one start with a 4 line poem on any subject......and carry on from there. Change the subject every month.

Hi Shizara -you are the poet what do you think? (Good game- Good game??)
Start us off.

21-01-2008, 09:52 AM
Hi Shizara -you are the poet what do you think? (Good game- Good game??)

Start us off.

Am not sure that I would describe myself as a poet though I like to write tales that rhyme. - Watch out later for "The Saga of the Sofa."

If you check the poetry section you will find chillit is brilliant in the imagination department. Further exploration might show up a few more. I think most people can put a few lines together with some effort.

I seem to remember this coming up before and moving it to the poetry section, however, perhaps one or two boundaries so it stays a game rather than a candidate for the poetry section until it is complete at the end of a month and doesn't get out of hand. The main one being - especially with myself in mind as I can waffle on for several groups of 4 - keeping it to lines of 4. So, my thoughts would be:

1. 4 lines of rhyme.
2. Keep the subject going for a month - perhaps at that point someone could finish the poem off and from there, as a finished item it could be moved to the poetry section under its own thread.
3. For those that are new, just a reminder to not go over the top with such a controversial subject that it begins a war of unpleasantness.

So... that's what I think, any further thoughts before I begin?

23-01-2008, 10:21 AM
Have begun the poetry game. For those that feel they can't write a rhyme some tips:

1. Look at the theme.
2. Make up a line.
3. Take the last word of your line, think of a word that rhymes and fits then make up the next line to include that word at the end.

It's not a competition, just meant to be fun.