View Full Version : changing seasons

07-12-2007, 01:28 AM
Today I sat looking out of my window--whilst waiting for a phone call -into my front garden..
In the space of about 35 minutes I saw: A pair of blackbirds. 2 very small robins, a dove and a couple of pigeons. 2 tiny wrens( I thought they had gone ages ago) and two bluetits.
Something like this really lifts the spirits
The seasons have gone haywire.I do hope it doesn't get too cold this winter as some of these birds will not survive.
Thought I'd share it with you.
Last week Isaw a red fox crossing the garden-about 1 30 a.m. Ithink he was slinking off to the wheelybin--the lid was open. Then there is a manky squirrell who teases my cat by letting her stalk-up close, and then beltisoff up the nearest tree ,and a very large hedghog who likes catfood and pasta,and last year kept on coming into my kitchen if I left the door open. Iroll him down the step with a tray and gently brush him outside.
Iam amazed as I live on a busy corner of the crossroad.