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08-10-2006, 06:22 PM
Optrex was right on the button with the weather predictions. Blackpool on the sea front was horrendous. Gale force winds, couldn't even hold the camera steady. Blackpool on the back streets wasn't much better. Not a sign of a brolly anywhere.

Went to McQuacker's a couple of blocks along from Woolies, going towards Waterstone's - if you know the area. Even at 14.30 pm it was packed to the brim and was like a feeding frenzy in a pig trough. The inside decor had been modernised considerably and many of the tables replaced by huge, long tables that really made it look like a feeding trough. Have decided that the plentiful rubbish bins are mostly for staff use. - Well, they must be. Parents come in with children and people without children. They eat and leave not only the discarded rubbish and food bits on the table for others to clear off for them if they wish to sit down or spill shakes, cola etc over the table and walk up leaving that too. Sorry, but, I find it very unpleasant to sit and eat in the filth left by other people. Eating outside wasn't really an option yesterday. Likely your burger would have been whisked away and scattered from here to kingdom come for some fast moving seagull to chase. Yet doesn't cost more than a little time to clear off the rubbish into a nearby bin. :rolleyes:

Didn't get to see the illuminations after all that. We arrived late, in part due to the weather and driving conditions and last night the weather was so bad we decided that it wasn't going to be much fun. Of course a good reason to return next year. ;)

Sat in Happy Dayz, which is opposite the big carpark, and had coffee. Watching people wander by for 15 minutes was most entertaining. Groups having hen parties "dressed to kill" with their pink fluffy bunny ears, micro mini bum freezer skirts, teetering along on high heeled shoes, sleeveless tops that leave a gap between the bottom edge and the top of their hipster skirts and trousers. - They must have been freezing. Groups of blokes on their stag parties. One was wearing jeans and tee shirt with his mini mini underpants on top of the jeans. - Grins, all in all, an entertaining 15 minutes of the gales.

08-10-2006, 09:05 PM
Glad to have you back Shiz. It doesn't seem as though the weather spoilt it for you too much, which is a good thing.

08-10-2006, 09:26 PM
It takes a lot to make me gloomy. I can usually find something good in most things and certainly an imagination coupled with sense of humour go a long way in life.