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10-04-2006, 10:56 AM
Thought you might like to know this is a wonderful place to eat. Went there for lunch last week and was totally spoiled for choice! Although it is not cheap (NOR is it excessively expensive) the atmosphere is charming and the staff couldn't do enough for us. Now the warmer weather is coming on, there is a lovely outside area, by the river, in which to relax and enjoy your meal.
At the moment they are promoting a Duck Race for Easter - sounds like great fun.

20-03-2008, 04:55 PM
Well I visited the Old Mill today (20th March 2008 at 3:00 PM), and found it a slow and very tired place indeed.

I ordered a beer from the bar and looking around saw a sign saying "Find a table then order". So I found a seat but it was soon apparent that I was suffering from invisibility as several members of staff walked past me and did not even ask if I was being served. There seemed to be some service in another place in the restaurant so I went and sat at a table there, the same lack of interest endured. I asked fellow diners if they could see me they said they could but when I told them that I was invisible to the staff they told me that I had to order at the bar. Why? As I said there were several members of staff wandering about the restaurant. So I went to the bar and ordered antipasti as a starter and ham eggs and chips as a main dish. By this time it was 3:35PM. At 3:50 PM my starter arrived at 4:00 I had finished that, and then later at 4:15 the main dish arrived. I disgusted with the amount of time that it had taken for my meal to arrive when it was such a quiet period finally paid my bill and left at 4:26 PM.

It appears to be policy at the Old Mill to only take orders at the bar during the day and then tables in the evening. Why, when the staff have so little to do at 3:00 PM? And just how long does it take to put a few slices of cold meat, bread, a few olives and a bowl of vinaigrette on to a plate? Likewise, two slices of cold ham, two fried eggs and a handful of chips?

I ordered the antipasti thinking it would be quick but was fore warned by close by diners (who were also having difficulties) that it may take a while. I am not a chef but I am sure that I could preform faster in the kitchen than they do.

The Lady dining at the next table summed it all up in a few words, "It used to be good here"

I have been better served at KFC, there was not the expected service at the Old Mill so there was no tip either!

An old but true saying, "The customer is always right".

A suggestion, Gordon Ramsey.

By contrast when the food did arrive there was nothing wrong with it. And yes, The Old Mill really did used to be good.