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  1. New Service Station for M42
  2. Improvements to Solihull Town Centre
  3. Caroline Spelman's Weekly Column
  4. Police cuts force officers to 'prioritise' crime in Solihull
  5. Woman's Body Found
  6. 200,000 Grants for Kids' Charities
  7. Man Jailed for Spiking Drinks
  8. Man Mends Fences for a Cuppa
  9. Man Prosecuted for Fly Tipping
  10. Funding for Social Care
  11. Demands for Better Flood Protrction
  12. Body Found Near Railway Station
  13. Civic Awards
  14. Citizens' Crime Patrols
  15. Post Office to Close
  16. Domestic Violence Charity Helps 500
  17. Free Central Heating for Homes in Fuel Poverty
  18. Alcohol to be Banned from Cemetaries
  19. Expansion for Touchwood?
  20. Specialist Autistic School fir Soilhull?
  21. Buddy Scheme Can Continue Following Donations
  22. Expansion Plan for Charity Farm
  23. Head of Council to Step Down
  24. Phone Signal Disrupted by Falcons
  25. Allotments for the Lonely Elderly
  26. Cleaning Group Wins Award
  27. Cemetery to Expand
  28. Community Worker to Receive Honour
  29. Call to Upgrade Cyclepath
  30. Changes at Solihull Hospital
  31. Hospice Garden Event Raises 3,000
  32. Defibrillators for Solihull
  33. Call to Reopen A&E
  34. Police Station Up for Sale?
  35. Appeal to Renovate Leukaemia Unit
  36. Changes to Bus Timetables
  37. Charity Beer Festival
  38. Disability Sports Event
  39. Council to Become Carbon Neutral
  40. Chatty Cafe Scheme
  41. Severn Trent Fined for Causing Delays
  42. Gender Pay Gap at Solihull Council
  43. Ambulance Station to Close
  44. Childrens Services 'Require Improvement'
  45. Town Centre M&S to Close
  46. New Office Building
  47. Celebrations to Celebrate International Women's Day
  48. Fish and Chips!
  49. First Responder Fundraising
  50. Man Charged with Murder
  51. Disruption ti Train Services
  52. Body Found Next to JLR Site
  53. No Police Station for Solihull Town Centre
  54. Severn Trent Pipe Works
  55. Locals Receive New Year Honours
  56. 1.75 Million Grant for Social Housing
  57. Recruitment Drive for First Responders
  58. Taxi Drivers Demand COVID Grants for Non-residents
  59. Tackling Anti-Social Behavour
  60. Call to Change Constituency Names
  61. Libraries to Open Longer
  62. Pub to be Refirbished
  63. Councillors Defect from Labour Party
  64. Choral Society Concert
  65. New Archaeology Group