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  1. THe House of Lords
  2. China / one child policy
  3. Olympics - The Opening Ceremony and General comments.
  4. Olympics--how dare they take the credit.
  5. Bedroom tax--what next windows again?
  6. Influx o wagon dwellers from romania and bulgaria.
  7. News & Events Forum
  8. Oscar Pistorius
  9. F 35 fleet grounded
  10. Overseas Doctors to Have English Language Skills Tested
  11. Huge Fish Caught in Shetland
  12. A Sad (But Slightly Funny) Waste of Whisky
  13. Eastleigh By-election
  14. Brick Throwing Robot
  15. Syria's Civil War
  16. Pryce guilty of perverting the course of justice
  17. Pope Francis
  18. Scottish Independence Referendum
  19. New picture of the Cosmic Radiation Background
  20. Asteroid heading for NYC - Better start praying!
  21. Issues with Nestle chocolate
  22. Suicide the biggest killer on men in the UK
  23. The "Beeching" cuts
  24. New Species of Spider Discovered
  25. Lady Thatcher Passes Away
  26. Richard Griffiths
  27. Poll Tax or ' Bedroom Tax ' what do you think?
  28. North Korea
  29. Explosions in Boston
  30. Today's Funny News Story
  31. Fire & Explosion in Texas
  32. Cool Picture of Saturn
  33. Queen's Spech
  34. A Bit of Good News
  35. Space Travel
  36. Irritating Duncan Smith called to account
  37. Afghans Held Without Being Charged
  38. Affair that rocked Cameron
  39. Media Overhyping 'Landgrabbing'
  40. £300,000 Hoax Charity Donation
  41. Royal Baby
  42. Teeth Grown from Urine
  43. New National Anthem for Switzerland
  44. Yuck!
  45. 13lb Baby!
  46. David Frost Dies
  47. David Jacobs has died
  48. Birmingham's New Library
  49. Extra Days Off To Get The Christmas Shopping.....
  50. Voyager 1 Leaves Solar System
  51. Greece facing more financial trouble?
  52. Eiji Toyoda deis at 100
  53. The end of an era
  54. Over 23,000 child sex offences carried out in 2012
  55. Very Scary
  56. Spiders on the move....
  57. Where's me flippin' onions pal?
  58. Ooh I say!
  59. Animal Species Making a Comeback in Europe
  60. US Government Shuts Down
  61. African Migrants Drown off Italian Coast
  62. I find this rather disturbing
  63. Release of Murderer parents
  64. The search for Maddi
  65. Libyan PM kidnapped
  66. This never happens to me in Boots
  67. Mental health service for children and young people
  68. Jeremy Bamber Case
  69. New Nuclear Power Station
  70. Entertainment looking up?
  71. Unfair Dismissal 6 figure Payout
  72. Maria and her family Bulgarian Roma
  73. Government control or another move to an attempt to be a Communist state ( again!)
  74. Superstorm in the Philippines
  75. European Union
  76. Remembrance Sunday
  77. Breast is Best
  78. Free kitchen run at the Golden Temple feeds 100,000 people every day.
  79. A Story to Warm Your Heart on a Cold Morning
  80. Women Priests in Ancient Times?
  81. Camoron the NIMBY
  82. 1984?
  83. Ex Co-op Chairman
  84. Women Enslaved for 30 Years
  85. Bacteria are outsmarting our drugs.
  86. Railway Engineering Works Over Christmas
  87. UK under fire for immigration plans
  88. Will we get the promised referendum?
  89. I don't suppose I should laugh?
  90. Police Helocopter Crashes into Glasgow Pub
  91. Italian Mother Forced to Have Caesarean Section Birth
  92. Nelson Mandela dies.
  93. Santa tells child he is going to 'report mummy to social services'
  94. Ronnie Biggs Dies
  95. Rolls Royce probed for fraud...?
  96. Unbelievable
  97. Oh dear, how sad, never mind!
  98. Pardon for Turing
  99. Russia Today: Swear words outlawed by communications watchdog
  100. Bank robberies down!
  101. Graduate from the Saatchi school of charm? (Unbelievable!)
  102. UK's Scariest Debt Collectors
  103. Schumacher critical after ski fall
  104. Weird News
  105. Karren Brady: 'Iím not going to become an MP and Iím not going to be London Mayor'
  106. Karren Brady 'proud' to receive CBE for services to women
  107. Oh the Irony of it.....
  108. New poison spray targets 'super-rats'
  109. Are we about to take a haircut?
  110. More contaminated meat...
  111. Mark Duggan
  112. Gay marriages have caused the recent floods!
  113. Warwickshire man Roger Pratt murdered in St Lucia
  114. Mother Of three year old, charged with murder.
  115. Canada Bans Marmite
  116. Dog Cancer Traced Back 11,000 Years
  117. Mail Rail to be opened for tourists?
  118. A Bit of Perspective.....
  119. We're All Going to Die Again...
  120. Philippines Say 'Thank You'
  121. Cull of Marius at Denmark's Copenhagen Zoo
  122. Dangerous Dogs
  123. Makes my blood boil!
  124. Cruelty in the name of science
  125. Couldn't run the proverbial in a brewery, yet get another government contract
  126. Ukraine
  127. Vivisection- This is an extreme situation and I ask Is this absolutley necessary?
  128. New Food research- what can we eat?
  129. A waste of public purse funds or what?
  130. Such gross Cruelty - Shouldn't it be a Ban from having any animals for life?
  131. Humane meat production
  132. Missing Malaysia Airlines plane .
  133. TV License - Decriminalisation of Non-Payment .
  134. This is so ludicrous on so many levels - its Laughable
  135. Have you anything to declare? Er- well....
  136. We could do with a few more like this
  137. The world has gone mad...
  138. Oh dear...
  139. Tony Benn Passes Away
  140. Health Promotion
  141. Referendum may see Venice elect to secede from Italy
  142. Development of Ettington Land
  143. Black death pit unearthed by Crossrail in London
  144. Peaches Geldof dies
  145. Britain wasted £600m of taxpayers' money on useless flu pills
  146. Would you chance spending a penny here?
  147. Wefare Aid- Food Banks
  148. Ukraine
  149. Alcohol- Just who do you believe?
  150. Oh dear. Anyone know which club?
  151. Happy St George's day
  152. Nicola Payne investigation: Trio re-bailed again
  153. Early Morning TV
  154. Yet more big brother stealth?
  155. Non native snakes on the loose in London
  156. Man gets bail to appear on Jeremy Kyle show
  157. Double standards...
  158. Do I sense a compensation claim being thought up?
  159. 999 Call Over Ice Sream Srinkles
  160. Ireland considers inquiry into children's mass grave
  161. Gary Glitter chraged again!
  162. Yet again the natives are discriminated against
  163. Argentina and the Falklands
  164. 'Rick Mayall Dies' Posted in DM 9th June 2014
  165. Cyril Smith CPS files to be revealed
  166. Supermarket staff break into womanís car because it was obstructing delivery van
  167. Wrong!
  168. Trooping the Colour
  169. Welcome to todays UK
  170. If you've got money...
  171. 1 in 7, regardless of talent or ability...
  172. Felix Dennis passes away
  173. Well, B*gger me!
  174. Boils my blood...
  175. Good grief!
  176. Mrs Rebbonk was not amused...
  177. Hong Kong (Unofficial) Democracy Referendum
  178. Rolf Harris to be Put Away
  179. West Mids PCC dies at 59
  180. Art or not?
  181. Potentially worrying...
  182. 18 months for Coulson
  183. Police arrest entire ward of mental patients
  184. Can the UK fall any lower?
  185. I don't care what the judge says, this is wrong!
  186. HIV Reappears After Girl is Declared to be Cured
  187. Jets for UK Aircraft Carriers Grounded
  188. Has the Human Race Learned Any Lessons After TWO World Wars?
  189. Rip
  190. My father was a sexual predator like Savile....
  191. Oh what a good question...
  192. Astrology on the NHS?
  193. Israel & Palestine
  194. Oops, Plod not been paid!
  195. A step too far?
  196. Australian Couple abandon Downs Baby
  197. One rule for you, another for them...
  198. Oh dear, how sad, what a shame...
  199. RAF escorts plane in
  200. The House of lords - Dear Oh Dear, what has happened?
  201. The 'gentrification' and social cleansing of Hackney
  202. A-Level Results
  203. This really is extracting the urine...
  204. Trouble around the corner?
  205. Oh dear, how sad, who gives a f*ck?
  206. The Barbaric Murder of James Foley by an English Male.
  207. UK terror threat level raised
  208. Ashya King
  209. The fool from No.10 engages his mouth before his brain!
  210. All in it together!
  211. Sheer bl**dy incompetence
  212. I truly despair.
  213. Salmond quits
  214. Someone has there priorities very wrong!
  215. "I won't get a fair trial!" - Looks like he did to me
  216. Doesn't your heart bleed for her?
  217. Public to pay the cost, businesses protected!
  218. Cameron woos voters with discount starter homes
  219. Does this man know the writing's on the wall?
  220. Now the window of opportunity has closed!
  221. RAF jets leave Cyprus for combat mission over Iraq
  222. I hope they throw the 'book' at her!
  223. Idiots strike in Coventry (Again!)
  224. Top Gear driven from Argentina after Jeremy Clarkson FKL number plate row
  225. The real value of the £ in your pocket?
  226. KFC customer refused hand wipes
  227. Consistent, and persistent!
  228. Ebola Checks at UK Entry Points
  229. More hypocrisy from our politicians!
  230. schadenfreude?
  231. Natural justice?
  232. Pot calling the kettle?
  233. 91-year-old war veteran Harry Smith at the Labour Party Conference
  234. How long before we see compensation claims?
  235. Found not guilty, but still landed with court costs
  236. More posing and posturing from the fool in No.10
  237. Benefit sanctions to be investigated
  238. Former councillor charged with endangering aircraft
  239. Man rescued from passageway
  240. Unmanned US rocket Antares explodes during launch
  241. Virgin Galactic crash: Branson vows to continue space project
  242. Poppy tin snatchers
  243. Cannibal eats girlfriend.
  244. Well, well, well! Tell us something we didn't know!
  245. Warren Clarke dies at 67
  246. UK police open murder inquiry in child sex abuse investigation
  247. Autonomous Trucks
  248. Birmingham men named...
  249. UK faces £34bn bill for black hole in EU budget
  250. PD James, crime novelist, dies aged 94